My approach to art making has been wholly formed by my experience and examination of the ordinary. This is where all my projects begin. I start with a simple, unheroic premise and manipulate it’s elements until I arrive at something that has the potential to suggest multiple, resonant meanings. This process manifests in disparate forms with different inspirations but underlies every project I have embarked on.

Current Work

In these paintings and constructions, I rely on the interplay of painterly surfaces and graphic stylization to create compositions that are informed equally by the history of abstraction, digital culture, and the logic of gameplay. These visual mashups are attempts to marry an affection for the material facts of painting with a fascination with the influence of digital culture on perception. Metaphors of the game and the screen are fundamental to this work. The game implies strategy, play, repetition, and the specter of failure. The screen is a space where visual information is manipulated and organized and a space where flatness and the illusion of depth coexist. These two arenas for action are also defined by impermanence and flux. The recycling of material and iconography in my work is an attempt to reconcile the intangible, continuous stream of information presented by the digital with the slow and tactile nature of paint.